Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cake Pops-Because I Had To!!

Okay, I lied. I'm not quite on a hiatus just yet. I had to show you this Cake Pop recipe that has been highly requested by you! Sooooo here you go!


  • Bake your favorite cake or cupcakes! I baked 6 chocolate cupcakes, and it produced 28 cake pops!

 Cake Pop-The Basics

You will need...

  • Your favorite cake or cupcake recipe-I made 6 chocolate cupcakes
  • Betty Crocker Frosting-I used chocolate fudge

Crumble up your cake/cupcakes in a medium or large bowl, depending on how much cake you make!

Add about 1/2 cup of the frosting and dig in with your hands until the cake mixture comes together and is moist!

Wash your hands and roll little balls of the cake mixture in your hands, using your palms. Place them on parchment paper that is on a pan or a plate, whatever you want! It'll be so messy, but so worth it! Stick the cake balls in the freezer for 15 minutes so they can harden!


Okay, if you want to make pretty blossoms like I did to add to your cake pops while the cake balls are hardening, buy some fondant or Regal Ice like I did! 

You'll need:
  • A portion of the regal ice-the size depends on how many blossoms you want to make!
  • This amazing blossom maker! I purchased a set from HobbyCraft!
Massage the fondant in your hand to make it easy to handle and mold

Roll out the fondant, but make sure it isn't too thin or else your blossoms won't turn out!

Punch the blossom maker into the fondant, twist a little, and voila!! 

Pretty blossoms!! 

Cake Pop-The Outer Shell

You'll need: 
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Candy Melts-I used orange, and to be honest, I prefer pink!
  • Sprinkles, marshmallows, anything you want to decorate your cake pops! 
Put your Candy Melt into a you like my Sexyness cup? It's from Scotland! Get it? Lochness? Sexyness? No? Moooving on...

Melt the Candy Melt for about a minute or so-stir every 30 seconds until it's completely melted! 

Dip the end of the lollipop stick in the candy melt

Stick the lollipop stick in the bottom of the cake ball! Please mind the blurry picture-self timer isn't so great!

Voila! Cake ball on a stick=Cake Pop=amaaazing! 

Dip the cake pop into the candy melt but do not twist it around because it will fall off! Instead, spoon the candy melt over the cake pop so it covers the entire cake! Take it out and tap it lightly on the side of the cup to get rid of the excess candy melt

Pour some sprinkles over the cake pop once you are done shaking the excess candy melt off! I use a little bowl under the cake pop so I can reuse the sprinkles because I love sprinkles!


Voila! Look at all those yummy cake pops! And our yummy toaster! I stick the lollipop sticks into those flower block thingies because they are soft. You can use styrofoam if you prefer!

Yummmm!!! Take a bite out of crime!!

If you decide to make them, please post a picture for all of us to see! The kids will love making these!!

Smooches!! xoxo


Maranda! said...

wonderful and hilarious! I love it! Sexyness.....mooooooooooving on!!! LOLOLZ! O_o

Bea said...

looove these!! sooo cute!!!