Monday, May 16, 2011

Simnel Cake

This cake was a request from Mr. Sweets' Dad, so I decided to surprise him with it when he came to visit this past weekend! Although I was hesitant because it is a fruit cake, I tailored it to what I like from this recipe.

By the way. It's an Easter cake, and I'm a little late! But who cares? A cake is a cake! And I love cake. Especially with marzipan. Mmmmm

So I am writing this to you as I catch up on Britain's Got Talent! Go The Hoff! Yes, The Hoff is really a judge in the show. Sigh...

 Simnel Cake

You will need:
  • 1 cup/13.5T/225g Butter
  • 1 cup/225g White Sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 cup/225g All-Purpose (Plain) Flour...I'm noticing a pattern here...
  • It's supposed to be 225g Sultanas, but I used 100g! 
  • It's also 110g Currants but I used 100g! Can you tell I'm not a fan of fruit cake?
  • 110g Glace Cherries, quartered...we bought them but never put them in our shopping bag! So they weren't in the cake! We're winners...
  • Grated Zest of 2 Oranges...I officially hate zesting oranges!
  • Grated Zest of 2 Lemons
  • 2 tsp Ground Cinnamon
  • 450g Almond Paste/Marzipan
  • 2T Apricot Jam

Preheat your oven to 300 F/150 C
In a large mixing bowl, beat together all of the ingredients except for the Almond Paste/Marzipan and Apricot Jam

Voila! All of your ingredients mixed up...except the Almond Paste/Marzipan and Apricot Jam

Brush a 20cm cake tin with Butter! Do you like my nails? I matched them to the pastry brush! So clever I am...

Line the cake tin with parchment/greaseproof paper and pour in half of the cake mixture

Cut 1/3 of the Almond Paste/Marzipan and try not to eat bits of it like I did...

Roll out that 1/3 Almond Paste/Marzipan into a circle that will fit into your cake tin! Like my pearls? I enjoy baking in them so I can pretend I'm classy!

Ummm...that's my circle. I was never very good at Geometry.

Bunch your perfect circle on top of the cake mixture! 

Fill the cake pan with the rest of the mixture

Bake for 2.5 hours! If it is browning too quickly, cover the top with foil after the 1st hour

Let it cool for about 30 minutes

Melt the Apricot Jam for about 10-20 seconds

Brush the Apricot Jam on top of the I wasn't wearing green nail polish to match!

 Cut out half of the Almond Paste/Marzipan

And um, roll it into a perfect circle like I clearly did! Hey, I improved!

Place your perfect circle on top of the cake and use a knife to make criss-crosses on top! Then get ready to jump! Get it? Kriss Kross? Just me? Crickets, eh?

Roll the rest of the Almond Paste/Marzipan into 11 balls to represent the Apostles

Place the cake under the grill/broiler for just a few minutes so it can brown! Keep an eye on it because it browns very quickly!! Oops!

Beautimous!! Yes, my cakes are always lopsided. They still taste good!!

This was my first fruit cake and it was definitely a hit!! I think Marzipan makes everything better!

Smooches!! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Wow! These recipes are to die for...I wish I were in the UK right now to sample the ones you make...but hopefully I will get around to making them on my own. How inspirational you are!!! You will be famous sometime in the near future...mark my words.