Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vintage Violet Cupcakes

I really want to learn how to decorate cupcakes. So before I can find a class, I decided to give it a go! 

I've never dyed fondant before.
My hands are still pink. Who doesn't love to be Pretty in Pink? Great movie, by the way.

I need to work on my straight lines. They would barely pass a DUI test!

I bought some Pearl Lustre Spray and it was amazing. Like a winter wonderland on my cupcakes!

Inspiration comes from all those pretty wedding cakes with the dots!

I also bought a swirly embossing mat! I love how pretty it comes out on the fondant! 

All you need is love...and cupcakes!

These are my second batch of cupcakes of the day! The first ones sunk down! I really wanted to use fondant, so I made another batch!

And now they are too pretty to eat. 

What am I saying?! Cupcakes are cupcakes, and they will be eaten! 

Smooches!! xoxo

P.S. Mr. Sweets came up with the lovely name for the cupcakes! Kisses, Mr. Sweets!!


Anonymous said...

Okay.... those cupcakes look amazing Sweets! They look like they came from a boutique in Beverly Hills...I'm impressed. Now, how can they get from England to me is San Diego, like NOW?!

finnyme said...

These cupcakes are gorgeous! I can't wait to get some lustre makes everything look so much prettier! I have done that with fondant before...I had red hands for a few days lol Now I have to use gloves!

Kiss My Cake (UK) said...

These are very pretty Michelle! I haven't been to a class either...just keep practicing away at'll be fine! ;-)
Leanne x