Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crazy Email

Hey everyone! Happy Day Before Friday! Woo!!

So, if you follow me on Twitter (@KissedBySweets), you'll see that I wrote a tweet about receiving a very odd email from a stranger. It took me by surprise, to be honest! Then I was a little angry about someone trying to push their beliefs onto me. I'm a 25 year old woman, I know who I am and what I like. You know?

Well, if you feel like reading, here you go! Let me know what you think!

"I was excited to see that you called your sweets vegetarian but why not have vegan sweets, then you can sell to everyone?
Why limit yourself?
Loads of people make stuff which has birds eggs in it
              (and of course for each bird hatched to spend a short and un-natural life
                       laying eggs, another is killed at only one day old as it is the wrong sex)
Loads of people still use the milk produced by cows for their babies, thinking it to be a natural and healthy food for humans. It is not!
Cow's milk is the cause of many human health conditions which we would rather not have:-
Breast and other hormonal cancers (as a result of the high Growth Factor Hormone (to help young calves grow into big cows as quickly as possible) which is very similar to HumanGFH and triggers the overgrowth of cells (cancer) in many
Arthritis caused by the heavy imbalance of calcium to magnesium (130 to 23 units) which is perfect for young cows but in humans we need a ratio of one to one to be able to absorb the calcium. The excess calcium in the human body cannot be excreted and far from keeping our bones strong, actually causes hard unhelpful deposits on the ends of bones and joints, called arthritis 
All animal produce uric acid. The human body can only excrete 9 units of uric acid per day. When we eat flesh we get more uric acid than we can excrete normally. The body has to find a way to neutralise the acid when it is in the gut so draws on 'softer' calcium from inside the bone as the nuetralising chemical. This weakens the bones over time to cause osteoporosis. As a vegetarian who consumes cows milk produce you would still be taking uric acid into the body and still reduce the density of your bones.
Dairy also causes asthma, exzema, irritable bowel syndrome (actually this is the body telling us that we are putting the wrong things into our bodies), over weight (it is designed to make baby calves grow into big cows quickly!) and with that diabetes and also triggering the diabetec gene in the following generation by altering the DNA before puberty
Those who consume dairy products also tend to age more quickly due to the stress on the human body of consuming this un-natural product and have pudgy skin!
It is not very good for cows either, they are made pregnant at a young age by artificial insemination, their babies are taken from them immediately after birth and the mother is left to cry and they do cry for their babies for days on end. A cow is a sentient being who cares about her offspring just as a human would. The calves likewise cry for their mothers, often they can hear eact other but not access each other, imaging the trauma.
The male cows are sometimes left to die, sometimes shot, sometimes put into veal crates so that they cannot move and get much blood into their legs to make muscle, keeping their flesh white for those who would kill these tiny young creatures and eat them. This is still done to these young animals born in the UK as thousands of them are sold off and transported in lorries, hundreds of miles across to France and the rest of Europe. All such live transport of animals must be banned, now.
And what are these surviving young calves fed on? Not their mother's milk. They get a mixture of products otherwise considered waste, frequently contminated always with antibiotics as standard throughout their short miserable lives.
There are many substitutes for animal products in preparing food for humans. And if there is no substitute them I would rather just go without
I do hope you will look into how you can continue your business in a way that is animal friendly and human healthy as soon as possible. There are many recipes online and when you get into using different products you will wonder hoe you could ever have done different. I know I did.
I was vege for almost 20 years before remembering that actually I wanted to save animals and became Vegan about 9 years ago. I would never go back. It has turned my health around, physically and spiritually. I feel more at one with nature and do not feel as though I am living a lie, pretending that dairy is kind to animals. As one poster says, if you are not vegan, then you are not vegetarian!
I look forward to trying your vegan sweets at Oxford FF. Good luck, Jane"

I would like to clarify that the reason I am vegetarian is because we ate meat at home every night and I got sick of it. Plus I was about 13 years old, so I was being a rebel! I absolutely *love* cheese and butter, so I will never give that up. And also? I'm not running a business...yet. This is just a blog!! And one last thing. I do not make vegetarian sweets. I make vegetarian treats-which are meals. My title line is "Sweets and Vegetarian Treats". So, bam!
Smooches! xoxo


sugarpuffish said...

What a strange email! In my experience Vegans are the worst for preaching. I do not eat meat & I am allergic to milk & eggs but your blog still appeals to me because I would just substitute the ingredients for alternatives therefore why should you cater towards Vegans its not necessary?

Paula...SweeetHarts Cakes and Bakes said... strange! Talk about pushy,I hope you sent a lengthy repy. I sure would have tut tut

darbishar said...

I can't tell if she is ok with eggs or not. I would assume not, but she doesn't really give a reason as to why they are bad.

Maureen said...

I honestly don't know why people can't be satisfied living what they believe without demanding that other people believe the same way.

I wouldn't tell anyone what to eat.

Sick of the "I'm right and you're wrong attitude."