Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moroccan Chai Spice Cupcakes

I wanted to try a new recipe, and I have a list of them that I want to experiment with!

Well, I failed on the decoration part. I was aiming for Moroccan-themed cupcakes, but it just wasn't happening. Thanks to @MimosaBakery, I now know which gold paint to use! 

Regardless of my Mr. Sweets-styled cupcakes, they tasted amazing! I mixed whipping cream with Chai Spice and poured it into the middle of the cupcakes. Deeelightful! 

So here's some individual pictures of my Moroccan-themed Chai Spice Cupcakes! 

"Morocco" in Arabic......betchya didn't know that I know Arabic!

Paisley failure.

Symmetry is not my thing. I blame it on Geometry, again. 

Smooches! xoxo


Amélie said...

They are really not that bad! And as long as they tasted yummy, I call it a win.

Lenae said...

I agree with Amelie: Yummyness = Total win :) Also? I need you to stop posting on this blog or I just might eat my computer.

Lastly: ... I knew you know Arabic ;)

stephmabry said...

I love the idea of Arabic words on the cupcakes! How jamila! :)

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Kiss My Cake (UK) said...

Definitely not a fail!! They look great...i can see exactly what you were aiming for and it's by no means well done
Leanne xxx said...

ummmm, I see cupcakes in my future! I am a sucker for chai!

finnyme said...

I have been wanting to bake some chai cupcakes!! Where did you find the recipe? Did you use fondant for the tops of them?

Kim Bee said...

This is so cool. I am so impressed.