Monday, October 31, 2011

Celebrate Halloween With Cupcakes and Pumpkin Seeds!

Happy Halloween!! I hope all of you have some amazing costumes and have gotten lots of trick-or-treaters!

Today is a special day for Mr. Sweets and me! It is our 1st Engagementiversary! Woo!

So I made these cupcakes for Mr. Sweets' classmates. 

I made a ghost, a tombstone (I tried to cut RIP out of fondant but it wasn't happening!), a witch hat, a skeleton, and devil horns! 

Yes, I know, they aren't that great at all. But I loved making them and they were way better than the brownies with marshmallow mummies and monsters I made back in 2006! I won't share those pictures with you because I know you'll laugh at me...

Mr. Sweets and I carved pumpkins for the very first time on Sunday! Mine is on the left, his is on the right. How cool are they?! I'm so proud of us!

What do you do with your pumpkin seeds? 

I roasted mine in the oven! I had about 1.5 cups of seeds, added butter and salt, and baked them for 45 minutes on 150 C / 300 F! And now I'm chowing down on these delish seeds!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Smooches! xoxo

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sugarpuffish said...

Love your cakes and pumpkins they look great :)