Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guest Post: Vegetarian-Friendly Cooking Tools for Easy Dinner Recipes

Hey everyone! Sean from Blog Content Guild emailed me with a great idea for a post on easy vegetarian meals since we don't always have the time to cook a big meal! Here's what he has to say:

Many vegetarians have a tough time balancing their diets and their busy schedules. Without many of the tried and true meat-centric dishes to fall back on when preparing dinner, vegetarians have to come up with inventive ways to cook quick and easy meals with the right amount of protein and B vitamins. Fortunately, improvements in culinary technology have made cooking vegetarian meals a lot easier. If you are still depending on the stove and oven as your primary means of making food, it’s time to explore your other cooking appliance options. The number of easy dinner recipes you can cook with the fun, user-friendly kitchen gadgets below will astonish you.

·         The crock-pot: This can be a fabulous asset in any vegetarian’s kitchen. With a crock-pot you can make all kinds of delicious and nutritious stews. To make a standard stew, you can add some of the following ingredients and other ingredients of your choice into your slow cooker: vegetable broth, sliced zucchini, corn, garbanzo beans, chopped sweet potatoes, mushrooms, some onion, and a little tomato sauce.  Add a splash of wine, soy sauce, or beer for a bolder taste. You can spice it up with parsley and garlic for a classic taste or cumin and curry for something more exotic tasting. You can put all of these food products in your crock-pot in the morning, and your stew will be ready to eat when you get home from work in the late afternoon. On days you use your crock-pot, you can forgo the stress of having to cook dinner when you get home from a long day at work.

·          The panini grill: This is a very useful appliance for when you need to make a vegetarian dinner on a time crunch. All you have to do is get some Italian bread and brush it with olive oil. Place your favorite protein, vegetables, condiments, mushrooms, etc. in between your two bread slices. Toss your sandwich on the panini grill and cook it for ten minutes. You read that right. Ten minutes! A panini grill allows you to make a delicious, hot meal for yourself in a matter of minutes. And it’s super easy to use. If you’re able to use a toaster, you’ll be able to use a panini grill.

·         The wok: Spacious woks enable you to cook scrumptious stir-fries in large quantities. So, you can have days of delectable Asian inspired leftovers. If you’re going to cook in a wok, you should be aware that there is a right way to do so. For example, you should only prepare meals with oils that can withstand very high temperatures. Soybean oil, corn oil, and peanut oil are ideal. If you are making a tofu stir-fry, start cooking it in the wok first and then throw in your healthy veggies and mushrooms. They cook a lot faster than tofu, and you don’t want to overcook them. Remember to stir your ingredients frequently!

As a vegetarian, your meal options definitely don’t have to be limited. Start cooking with appliances that make your life easier, and you’ll discover what seems like millions of meals that are super quick and simple to prepare and good for your body!

Thanks Sean!!
Smooches! xoxo

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